For any tour or package the services are booked or blocked well in advance, cancellation of such services earmarked for a particular departure results in forfeiture of money depending upon the time of cancellation of services with the supplier. Therefore, any cancellation of the tour/ service booked, will attract cancellation charges as specified hereinafter. Your tour also includes third party product or service like cruise, railway, transport, hotel, restaurant, caterer, sightseeing company etc., the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy of such third party would be applicable in addition to Journey Crafters Cancellation Policy and Terms and Conditions.

The request for cancellation of any service/ tour has to be submitted in writing, clearly stating the reason for cancellation via email to Journey Crafters at, from guest’s registered email ID.

Once the booking is cancelled, it cannot be reinstated. Any reversal/ re-booking will be treated as fresh booking and additional charges may apply.

Cancellation received after the stated deadline will not be eligible for refund.

Deemed Cancellation – Guest’s booking stands cancelled due to the non-payment of partial/ full tour price:

  1. Guest is required to pay full tour price at the time of booking/ 60 days/ 45 days prior to the tour departure date. If the payment is not received during the mentioned time frame, then Journey Crafters reserves the right to cancel the booking without any written notification from the guest and forfeit the paid amount.
  2. In such a case, Journey Crafters cancellation notice date will be treated as the deemed cancellation date and cancellation charges will apply as per the Cancellation Policy.


  1. Journey Crafters reserves the right to determine the quantum of refund payable to the guest in case of cancellation, transfer or amendment of the tour. Refund is calculated on the basis of various factors such as the cancellation date, reduction in tour capacity, contractual agreement and cancellation policies of associates like airlines, hoteliers, transporters etc. The decision given by Journey Crafters on the quantum of refund according to the Cancellation Policy shall be final and will be paid directly to the guest.
  2. Refunds if any, for variation / modification / amendments / alteration and / or cancellations etc. of any tour shall be paid directly to the guest by ‘A/C payee’ cheque or Bank Transfer, in Indian Rupees at the prevailing rate of exchange on the date of the cheque, as per Reserve Bank of India Rules & Regulations, irrespective of whether the tour payments in part or whole were made in foreign currency.
  3. The amount paid by the guest will be refunded within 10 working days of cancellation of the tour.
  4. As per GOI regulations any refund from Journey Crafters for both, Indian or International tours will be paid only in Indian rupees by A/C payee cheque/ NEFT/RTGS, even if guest has made the tour payment partly or fully in foreign currency.
  5. Refund is always processed in the name of the family head marked on the booking form or in case of ad-hoc/corporate group it may be in the name of the institution/company who has made the payment on behalf of the group.
  6. Journey Crafters is not liable to pay any interest on the tour amount paid by the guest/s.
  7. Convenience Charge for the payments made by Credit Card, Debit Card, Online Transfer etc., is non-refundable.
  8. Tax Collected at Source (TCS) for international tours is non-refundable as it is deposited with the income tax department and recorded on guest’s registered PAN. TCS once paid cannot be reversed, however can be claimed by the guest while filing their annual Income Tax Returns.
  9. In case of force majeure/ uncontrollable situation Journey Crafters reserves the right to levy non-refundable ‘tour transfer charge’ or ‘service charge’ for standalone service.
  10. For FIT/Customized packages, Holiday Design Fee charged at the time of enquiry is non-refundable in case guests do not book the holiday with Journey Crafters.
  11. When tour price includes visa fee and if consulate/ VFS/ embassy procedure requires visa fee payment directly by the guest, then visa fee reduction will be given at the time of booking or will be refunded within 7 working days of submission of visa payment receipt by the guest.
  12. When tour price includes visa fee and guest holds a valid visa for the tour, they are required to submit the visa copy at the time of booking to avail the reduction of the visa fee. In case of unforeseen circumstances if tour reschedules then guest will have to get the visa done according to the new schedule and bear the costs of the same.