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Theme Holidays

Most travellers have varied interests ranging from history and architecture to adventure and beaches to nature and wildlife. One of the aspects of our travel planning is developing trips that cater to specific interests. These are not just group tours, they can also be for families with young children that enjoy theme parks or for friends that love adventure or a couple that loves hiking to those scenic vista points. We also put you in touch with local expert guides in all popular destinations.

Each trip is designed bearing in mind the demands and preferences of every traveller. We at Journey Crafters assure a trip that  exceeds your expectations.

family fun

Family fun

Travelling with family is to create memories. We understand how important family holidays are to you. Thus, we mould vacations as per your preference making your holidays a pleasant experience. With the growing urge of travel and the world welcoming everyone with open arms, eagerly waiting to be discovered, it has become a task for families to find a perfect destination to travel to. A perfect destination is one which includes experiences like any other. Handpicked and intricately designed customized tour packages, bring out the highlights of the most unique experiences which redefine travel and travel stories altogether! Crafting experiences which are equally fun for children as well as an enthusiastic adult is made possible with personalized vacation packages framed to suit every soul and every kind with any taste.

Romantic holidays

The new beginnings with your partner or a personal getaway with your better half, whatever might be the reason for your romantic vacation, making it more individualized gives it a whole new aura. Awe- inspiring romantic escapes along with experiences that you won’t find elsewhere; all hand stitched into perfect online customized tour packages which aim at making your travel special with someone special. All the destinations spread across the world present  a variety of reasons to travel and explore while you celebrate love along with our affordably priced individualized tour packages that let you indulge in an ideal intimate getaway.

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Island getaways

The naturist wonder of planet Earth that has left us spell bound since the beginning of time! Island getaways have become a picture-perfect escape into the divine crystal blue waters and majestic views that capture your imagination!  Personalized vacation to the islands around the globe with particularised experiences that truly define leisure holidays, await you here! With our expertise, we carefully choose the best of experiences that bring a whole new light to the island destination and intricately lay it out into economically priced customized holiday packages available online, that will reward you amply.

Adventure Trips

Thrill for an adventure shoots up the adrenaline rush; making you see life in a different light and with a complete new enthusiasm. Adventure travel that comes along with a treat of exploration when combined with unconventional experiences that trigger your excitement into special online  holiday packages, will celebrate the traveller in you! The explorer soul will find reasons to venture into wild escapades to set new goals for adventures. Such benchmark experiences when combined together in custom made tour packages give you an unforgettable dramatic and poetic adventure story of a lifetime!

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Spa & wellness

Leisure and relaxation are essential for your body and are like food for the soul that take you away from the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced life. When the mind, body and soul want to rejuvenate, reconnect and be resurrected completely into a refreshed version, customized holiday packages with distinctive experiences make you escape the cage of time. We hand pick everything special that lifts up the spirits of your mind, body and soul and devise it into unsurpassed  customized tour packages available online to give you the relaxation  you need! Spa and wellness is something that gives a whole new meaning to leisure. Precisely crafted experiences give you an opportunity to take the much-needed break into the completely scenic serenity!


Self-discovering the lands, through the unique routes, leading you to one-of-a-kind stories of a lifetime, is what an exclusive bespoke self-drive travel would be defined like! The destinations when traversed in an offbeat manner with a self-paced travel plan that lets you soak in the true shades of the destination and experience the land with a whole new perception  self-driving along with our customized tour packages. Embarking on the scenic roads leading to exceptional travel stories let you witness and celebrate travel with a complete new approach. The forever dream of an ideal vacation where you self-drive through the lanes manifesting the true face of destination awaits you!

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